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Unico Centro de Parto


Uno De Los Únicos Centros De Parto Y De La Salud De La Mujer En Guatemala.

Manos Abiertas - one of Guatemala's only women-centered, culturally and linguistically sensitive centers of childbirth and women's health - was founded with the support of the Planned Parenthood Foundation of America (PPFA) in 2008 in response to the urgent need for comprehensive services for vulnerable Guatemalan women. In recognition of the importance of local collaboration for long-term sustainability and impact, PPFA approached Hannah Freiwald, a professional midwife with more than 15 years of experience working in Guatemala, and asked her to lead the project. Hannah accepted the position and worked with her Guatemalan working team to develop the full-service clinic project that has served approximately 3,500 women and their families since its inception. With a focus on providing excellent health services to women living in poor, mostly rural areas of Guatemala, more than 70% of Manos Abiertas's clientele work in agriculture and are of indigenous Maya descent. The clinic that opened in 2008, Manos Abiertas Association, was strategically located in Ciudad Vieja, Sacatepequez, an area that lacks any service despite its proximity to Antigua Guatemala (an international tourist destination). Ciudad Vieja receives service from most of the bus companies and therefore has good access even for women living in remote areas of the country. It also provides a convenient base for the work team traveling to the rural area to provide health days for women who can not leave their communities.